Wednesday, April 14, 2010

10 Common Problems with your HP LaserJet Printers

Having problems with your Laser Printers? Look at these simple
solutions to some very common problems you may be experiencing:

Solving Common Problems with your HP LaserJet Printers

1. Toner does not stick to the page or smears

What to do to correct:

a. The fuser assembly may be defective or it is at the end of life. The solution is to
replace the fuser . The fuser is considered a consumable and can be replaced by a
MIDCOM technician as part of the PM Kit, or
b. You may have a defective toner cartridge. Simply replace the cartridge and see if
this fixes the problem, or
c. Toner may have spilled into the printer. Clean out the printer.
d. If the problem persists, call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664.

2. Paper Jams (This is among the most common problem with laser printers.)

Here are the most common causes:

a. Dust, grime, or just plain dirt has made its way into the printer
b. Worn rollers
c. The wrong paper type is being used.

What to do to lessen the chance of paper jams :

a. Periodically clean the printer yourself or schedule a semi-annual or annual PM
check-up with MIDCOM.
b. Call MIDCOM periodically to replace the rollers with the installation of a new
Preventative Maintenance Kit.
c. Check your user manual to make sure that the paper that you are using falls within
the specifications outlined for this printer. Paper that is too light or too heavy will
cause jams.

3. Printer is displaying a 50.4 error message

This indicates a problem with the power supply.

What to do to correct this problem:

a. If the printer is plugged into a UPS, or a power strip, unplug it and plug the printer
directly into the wall.
b. A laser printer should never be plugged into a UPS because of the power surges
required by the printer. These surges are required by the printer to keep the fuser
assembly warm.
c. If the above does not work, call MIDCOM for service at (800) 643-2664.

4. Trouble printing envelopes

Envelopes can cause problems for laser printers. Choose envelopes that are close
to 20lb. paper in weight and thickness. Also, make sure that the adhesive on the
envelope is capable of withstanding the heat that the fuser puts out to keep the
printing on the page. If you don’t, the envelopes will come out of the printer
already sealed. If envelopes are coming out of the printer wrinkled, they may be
too stiff for the paper path. Open the rear of the printer and let them exit at that

5. Part of or all of the printed page is faded

There are usually three conditions that cause this:

a. The printer is low on toner, or
b. The print density is set too low, or
c. The printer may have the Economode turned on.

What to try to correct faded printing:

a. Remove the toner cartridge, and shake. This will redistribute the toner and often
will temporarily solve the problem. However, this usually indicates it is time to
install a new cartridge.
b. Turn Economode off.
c. Run a self-test and look at the settings for print density. You may want to increase
the setting.
d. If after you have tried the above corrections and you are still having a problem,
call our company at (800) 643-2664 to schedule a service call.

6. Printer is displaying a 79 error

A 79 error can be the result of a problem with the network print server that
services the printer. When troubleshooting a 79 error, first open the Printer folder
from the Start menu on the Print Server to make sure there are no jobs pending. A
79 error can also indicate a failure of a printer add-on component, such as an MIO
card or a RAM module. All add-ons should be removed and then added back to
the printer one by one to determine which module may be at fault.

7. Can’t find a driver for a particular operating system

As new operating systems are released, new drivers need to be loaded for your
exiting printers. It is best to consult the printer manual and find out what printers
the drivers will emulate. While not all of the functionality of the printer will be
available under the emulation, at least basic printing will work. Most HP printers
will print with the HP LaserJet II driver installed, although specific options, such
as duplexing, will not work.

8. Printer is not printing from the expected tray

Look in two places to correct this particular error:

a. First, look on the printing PC. If the application is set to print to the wrong paper
tray, correct it with the application by clicking on Printer Properties and find the
Tray selection source.
b. Second, check the printer. Make sure that the paper size on the control panel
matches what is actually in the paper tray.

9. Ghosting (This is an issue when an image prints correctly, but a much lighter copy also prints elsewhere)

Possible causes are:

a. Bad power outlet.
b. The drum or the imaging kit is near the end of life.

What to do to correct:

a. Plug in another printer to the same outlet to see if the same thing happens on this
new printer. If so, have an electrician check the voltage in the outlet and correct
the problem.
b. Call MIDCOM at (800) 643-2664 to install a new Preventative Maintenance Kit,
which includes a new imaging kit and drum.

10. Printer picks up all the paper from the manual feed tray rather than one sheet

The pad that is responsible for separating the paper has likely worn out and needs to be
replaced. It is also possible that the paper is wet due to humidity. Make sure the paper is
properly stored and that it is “fanned” before putting it into the printer.

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